Activities to do in New Zealand


In New Zealand there exists an abundance of activities that can provide a unique and uplifting experience that will not soon be forgotten. The wonders and sights that are waiting for you in New Zealand are too good to miss, so when thinking of what you might do when you visit, take a look at the activities listed below to get started.


What to do in New Zealand


1) Visit Wai-O-Tapu.

 This natural wonder is breathtaking for the sheer magnitude that it represents. Boiling mud, acidic pools, and volcanic activity conspire to make this a rather dangerous location, but thanks to the safe walking paths that have been carved throughout the area the experience is quite safe. Lauded as a Thermal Wonderland, Wai-O-Tapu is one of many natural attractions worth visiting.

2) Visit the Tamaka Maori village in Rotorua.

The Polynesian culture has been present in New Zealand since around the 13th century, meaning that the people that settled long ago have built a rich and lasting history since those times. This is a very engaging way to learn about Maori history and how their culture has been preserved throughout the years. Not to mention that visitors are often granted a look at the Maori welcoming dance, the Powhiri. If you’re lucky enough you might even catch a performance of the famed Haka, one of the traditional war dances performed by the Maori long ago.


3) Witness the glow worms.

Just reading this line many people might think of something entirely different, but glow worms are a type of insect that creates a bioluminescent light that can attract other insects, forcing them to become trapped in the gooey strands that they adhere to the ceiling of their caves. It is said that one glow worm will hang hundreds of threads in order to capture its prey.


4) Go sailing.

 Sure, you can go sailing most anywhere, but in New Zealand, this is a favourite pastime of many that enjoy the open water and can appreciate the beauty of the coastline once they see it from atop the waves. There are few other views in New Zealand that can top the sights that can be witnessed from the pitching deck of a sailboat.

5) Take a hike across the Tongariro Crossing.

When you visit a new and exciting location it pays to get out and walk around in it. The Tongariro Crossing provides a challenging experience for the most avid hiker. You can trek through valleys, up and down mountain peaks, and all the while marvelling at the beauty of your surroundings. An interesting note about this location is that it is also where director Peter Jackson chose to film the scene for Mt. Doom from “The Return of the King” in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


New Zealand offers a wide variety of pleasurable activities and sites to see during your visit. Take your time and experience them all or pick your favourite pastimes and enjoy.